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Mazda 626 Tuning


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92 Mazda 626 2.0 l 151 hp

- Engine is changed or just modified ?

+ It's changed, and than modified

- New engine is from 626 too ?

+ Yes, 1.8 had 100HP, 2.0 had 115HP

- And now it has ?

+ 151HP

- How did you earn this extra power ?

+ Higher compression pistons, cams, exhaust, intake etc

- Where did you get all those parts for this car, you know - it's not as populat as BMW, or Honda for example ...

+ I know, it was hard. But I imported some of them from US, thaere is also a company in Canada (Corksport) that have some parts from j-spec version of this engine (FS-ZE)

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