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Tokyo Motor Show ve Mazda

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43. Tokyo Motor Show 20 Kasımdaki basın konferanslarıyla beraber başladı, fuar halka 23 Kasım 2013 tarihi itibariyle açık olacak

Mazda'nın 43. Tokyo Motor Show basın konferansı

Mazda'nın fuardaki dikkat çeken yenilikleri:


Mazda3 SKYACTIV-CNG Concept (reference exhibit)

Demand for CNG-powered vehicles is increasing all over the world and the SKYACTIV-CNG Concept adopts a dual fuel system that runs on both gasoline and CNG. CNG engines must burn fuel at high pressure and because the SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine already achieves a high compression ratio it can easily be modified for CNG with only minor modifications. Vehicles with CNG engines reduce emissions by about 20 percent compared to those with gasoline engines of the same displacement. Mazda proposes the Mazda3 SKYACTIV-CNG Concept as a potential way to offer driving pleasure to even more customers around the world while reducing impact on the environment at the same time.

Mazda Atenza ASV-5

The Atenza ASV-5 is equipped with futuristic safety systems. In a world-first, one of these systems enables automobiles with an in-car autonomous sensor to communicate with streetcars, helping to prevent collisions and support a smooth and safe flow of traffic. Mazda's aim is to support safe and smooth coordination between automobiles and streetcars, in which there is renewed interest as an eco-friendly form of public transportation. Mazda began trials on public roads using ITS*5 in September 2013 and the system was demonstrated at the 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013 held earlier in October.

Car Connectivity Exhibits

Model interior of All-new Mazda3

A model to allow users to experience the interior space of the all-new Mazda3 which was developed based on the Heads-Up Cockpit concept. It features a 7-inch center display, commander control knob, and active driving display, and allows access the content and services available through Mazda's next-generation car connectivity system, Mazda Connect. Visitors can experience for themselves a driving environment that keeps the driver facing forward and safely concentrating on driving, even while being presented with increasing amounts of information.

Mazda Connect Concept Video (at SMART MOBILITY CITY)

Mazda Connect was designed to take driving pleasure a step further by connecting car and driver on a deeper level. A concept video depicting the world Mazda aims to realize by 2020 through Mazda Connect will be shown in the exclusive theatre featuring a large 180-inch screen.

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